The hype of DeFi flash loans and its benefits

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2 min readJan 26, 2021


In 2020 major cryptocurrencies achieved record prices achieving all-time highs. Another particular segment in the crypto space achieving breakthroughs and gaining popularity is decentralized finance (DeFi).

Unique DeFi protocols known as flash loans are gaining traction ahead of record setting crypto prices and its hype.

The explosive growth in flash loans on DeFi are leading market participants to scout for related projects and wanting to contribute as a liquidity provider. This new breed of participants are classified as yield farmers, although they bear the same name as participants who mine crypto currency, they are more focused on being lenders and facilitators of DeFi flash loan protocols.

Communities around the crypto world sprung into action as soon as there are new projects related to DeFi flash loans, one particular community La Vitesse has been drawing in such participants at a rapid pace.

La Vitesse community

Understanding the information provided on, the La Vyf protocol provides their participants in three attractive services: (i) speed of returns, (ii) scale of returns, (iii) security of deposits. Each participating contract is at a very manageable 100 USDT which means everyone can participate. Participants can also potentially generate up to a maximum of 40% in 8 cycles of settlements, with each being disbursed at every 3-hour mark within a 24-hour period. In the event where there are no returns generated within the 24-hour period, the deposit is refunded back to the wallet.

With such a simple and efficient method of yield farming, it is not surprisingly the La Vitesse community has attracted and grown to more than 10,000 yield farmers in less than a month since its inception. It is very likely this number will exponentially increase in the coming weeks with the crypto community building strongly on the popularity the DeFi flash loan segment.


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