1 in 12 Winners Win Big at TRONPIN.com, A New Decentralized Ecosystem Promise Guaranteed Winners

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2 min readMar 3, 2021

Guaranteed Winners on Every Draw

Gaming has been reshaped immensely with the emergence of Cryptogames and they are designed and operated on the basis of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Players in these games operate, supervise and are the master of their own accounts and user data. With the opportunity of making profits and investing while playing games, there are an increasing number of blockchain games circulating all over the world.

TRONPIN can meet the expectations of any devoted gamer and will be working with the TRON Foundation to bring you the first TRON blockchain-powered crypto gaming platform where they test one’s luck through participating entries. This extreme test of luck and endurance will change the fortunes of those who engage in it.

TRONPIN hosts a draw that guarantees a jackpot winner on every draw where users can enter with as low as 100 TRX and play for raffles to win the massive jackpot! The clock starts at 2355 hours on the 7th day of each epoch and extends 5 minutes for every depositing entry. If no new entries are placed before the clock runs out, the last player wins the Bonanza.

Prize Pool:

The Prize Pool is the total TRX raised from 10% of all participating entries in the TRONPIN pool. Each entry contributes to the prize pool.

How to Play:

To participate, you need to deposit a minimum of 100 TRX and you will be able to see your chances of claiming the Prize Pool. The closer your entry is to the end of the clock, the higher your chances of winning.


10% of the TRONPIN Pool will be allocated to kick start the epoch that will continuously run for 7 days. Starting at 2355 hours on the 7th day of each Epoch, prizes will be paid out when there’s no further entries for time extension.

Last player will receive 80% of the total prize pool.

Last 2nd to 11th will share the remaining 20% of the total prize pool.

Users can get started on the platform by creating a free account and begin playing within minutes.

Good luck and have fun!

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